• Jill Kopecky

When Should My Event Happen?

Everyone who has ever planned an event, even a six-year-old’s birthday party, wants to make sure it is a huge success, and one of the biggest concerns is when the event should take place. Keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule, but here are a few suggestions about picking that special date.

1. Know your audience. Who will be attending the event? Having a show targeted at college students right before finals in December or May is not a good idea. Some may decide to attend, but you won’t get the desired attendance you could have if it had been two weeks earlier. If it is a corporate event, know the age and demographics of the people attending in order to work with the talent buyer to choose the entertainment that

2. Know the competition. Having an idea of what entertainment is already going on in the area will help narrow your timeline down. Don’t plan a fund-raising concert on a night when the local county fair is already having a show; you’ll draw low numbers and hurt your overall return-on-investment.

3. Know the goal. Is this an event that you just want to put on once, or is this going to be a recurring event that people will attend every year? Planning far enough ahead and putting the date down on the calendar will help give you better options for a venue, entertainment and marketing ideas. You want people to schedule themselves around your event, whether it just happens once or every year.

4. Know the event. There are so many events going on in people’s lives: weddings, retreats, conventions, fundraisers, etc. Knowing what kind of event helps to focus when to have it. A convention might have a concert on the opening night to help get everyone excited about the upcoming meetings or on the last night to celebrate everyone’s successes. Fundraisers might be best served to happen on weeknights so they don’t interfere with people’s personal lives on the weekends.

No matter what event you are planning, keep in mind that one of the initial items on your “to do” list has to be picking the date, and with these guidelines in mind you will find the perfect date and have a spectacular and successful event.

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