• Jill Kopecky

Keeping the Client Happy

One of the things that I’ve learned since starting at EntertainmentBuy is that agencies have rosters full of a wide variety of talent so that talent buyers have numerous options when trying to meet the needs of their clients. Especially when it comes to corporate entertainment, a buyer needs to be flexible in order to keep the client happy.

1) TIME - When is the entertainment needed? Is it for the opening of the conference or after dinner? If it’s to get the event started then you are going to want some high-energy or highly-engaging act performing instead of a show that is also very entertaining, but allows the participants to relax and socialize.

2) LENGTH OF SHOW - How long is the show going to last? During a corporate event keep the show length between thirty minutes to an hour so the crowd stays engaged. This time may need to be adjusted if the the talent is to open the event or to occur during a luncheon because thirty minutes might be too long.

3) BUDGET - Remember that the food at the event is not what people are going to be talking about - the entertainment is, and it needs to be a favorable memory. This means no scrimping, but rather spending your entertainment budget wisely. Is the best way to spend money on one major act, or should the money be divided up and spread out among different talent options?

4) OPTIONS - Make certain the client knows that there are a variety of acts that can fulfill a corporate event. It doesn’t always have to be a concert. Know the demographics of the audience and look into dancers, comedians, magicians, improv groups or any other talent possibilities.

Helping a client see that, depending on the amount of time and budget that’s available, there are a wide variety of entertainment acts that they can have at their corporate event or meeting will help to guarantee the main goal - keeping the client happy.

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