• Jill Kopecky

Hiring a Talent Buyer For Corporate Events

Why look at hiring a talent buyer? If a person understands the job of a talent buyer, that helps explain the rationale in hiring a buyer for your event. The biggest job of a talent buyer is to realize what the client’s wishes are and be a facilitator to make those wishes become a reality. However, experienced and quality talent buyers will also make certain that the client understands the reality of the budget, the venue and its possible limitations, as well as all the options for entertainment.

When having a corporate date, the experienced talent buyer will find out where the event is being held, the size of the audience, the age demographic of the audience and how much of a budget the client has. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a band that is at the top of the charts right now if it fits in better with a high school audience than a group of corporate business people. There are also other options for corporate dates that clients should think about and buyers might be aware of. Magicians, comedians, or groups that can customize their show to the client’s needs are ideas that should also be considered.

A knowledgeable talent buyer who truly cares about the client will analyze the event’s goals and budget to put together a show that will create the best return-on-investment. Choosing an excellent company is essential because they have connections, and have developed positive relationships with the agents which means a client can trust he is getting the best price possible for an act. Talent buyers will also be able to draw a wide variety of acts from various agencies, giving the client many options from which to choose.

Experience, knowledge and a high level of customer satisfaction are all qualities to look for in a talent buyer. Understanding that the talent buyer is going to work with the client to help choose the most appropriate entertainment for your company’s event on an affordable budget is the key reason to hiring a talent buyer for corporate events.

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