• Jill Kopecky

Corporate Event Entertainment - Why?

You planned your corporate retreat down to the last second, and everyone commented that the food, break-out sessions and keynote speakers were excellent. However, something was missing from the entire event that would have made it stand out from others and gave people a fabulous time. What was it? Entertainment. Maybe you don’t have a huge budget, but here are some reasons why you still need to have entertainment at your next corporate event.

1. Entertainment thanks key people. Businesses can use a concert, comedian, magician, etc. as a way to thank clients for their business and to let them know that they look forward to continuing the relationship. It is also a great way to thank employees for all of their hard work throughout the year; who doesn’t like a little positive reinforcement as a motivator?

2. Entertainment relaxes people. After the formalities of the evening are over a feature act can help get everyone to relax, and can open people up to having a good time together. People probably are not going to remember what they ate or drank, but rather if they socialized and networked while having a fantastic time.

3. Entertainment motivates people. What better way to inspire the staff and improve company spirit than to have entertainment that gets everyone excited? Another idea is to use entertainment to get people pumped up about a new product or concept; it can help set the tone for upcoming meetings or training sessions.

Make sure that the next time your company is planning an event you get entertainment in order to maximize the experience for all of the participants and guests. As it is said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and we don’t want any dullards working for us.

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