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Choosing a Corporate Entertainment Buyer

Corporations are spending more time and money on different types of entertainment at their conventions, incentive parties or launch events. Planning a corporate event takes a lot of time and effort, but one way to alleviate the stress involved is to hire a professional talent buyer like A professional talent buyer will help guide the client through all the intricacies of finding the right entertainment for the audience, as well as producing the show. Here are some tips for anyone looking to book corporate talent.

1) Start early. Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for talent because top acts are booking out a year in advance. Giving the talent buyer as much time to find entertainment also means there will be more options for the client to choose from.

2) Know the budget. Tell the talent buyer how much money there is and whether it is for one act or a series of acts. This helps the talent buyer formulate a plan of what entertainment might be available to the client.

3) Have the venue. The talent buyer will want to know where the event is taking place in order to make certain that the show can go on because many times acts will have to adjust their production to make it fit in a hotel conference room or other venue. Hiring a talent buyer experienced with production helps to alleviate these concerns; he or she is prepared for all issues that might crop up.

4) Know the audience. Being able to let the talent buyer know the audience demographics is essential to making sure the show is a hit. Spending a lot of money on the latest teen sensation doesn’t make sense if the audience has no clue who he is. Using online survey tools can help get some idea of who the guests want to see or what genre of entertainment they prefer, and helps the talent buyer narrow down the best fit for the date.

A good talent buyer will give you a good show, but an excellent talent buyer will work with the client to make sure that it is an unbelievable show, full of excitement and memories for everyone involved.

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