• Jill Kopecky


Whenever you are planning corporate event entertainment, one major consideration has to be the budget. There are many items that have to be taken into account that involve the entertainment. There are the venue costs, catering costs and possibly travel costs to name a few. However, it is important to remember that the main draw of an event is generally the entertainment and not the food so it should be quality.

First, estimate a realistic amount for the total budget, and then break it down to a per person amount by taking the amount of money and dividing it by the number of people attending. This will help define what options you have now and even later on as you determine more specific expenses. Usually the per person expense for a corporate event is between $50 and $500. As you get closer to the date you will have to firm up your budget more, but when you start with a per person amount you can adjust easier if your attendance changes.

Next, you want to determine what the guests would enjoy and plan accordingly. Talking with a talent buyer about your entertainment budget will help narrow down your options. Once you have those options, then you can possibly ask the guests what entertainment choice they favor. Letting them make suggestions right away is detrimental because the attendees may not understand that you cannot get a headlining act with the budget you have. Providing entertainment that guests want to see will help draw the optimal attendance to the event, as well as help to achieve the company objectives.

Finally, the earlier you plan the better options you have for entertainment. Once the entertainment and venue contracts are completed you can publicize the event so you get the maximum exposure for a fantastic turn-out and a wonderful show while maintaining your budgetary goals.

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