• Jill Kopecky


1. They know the music industry.

There is a lot of protocol involved in the music industry, and experienced talent buyers understand the process. The talent buyer will work with the client to decide what performer is the best fit for the show; the buyer then goes to the artist’s agency who will submit the offer to the manager and artist with the offer. The talent buyer’s job is to get the best act for the best price for you, the client, and having inside knowledge of the industry and information on the artist helps them do that.

More often than not, the fee paid to the talent buyer is more than offset by the pricing that the professional buyer is able to negotiate for you based upon relationships, buying power and specific knowledge of current market value of an artist.

2. They know production.

Talent buyers and producers know how important a venue is. Believe it or not, a beautiful all-glass and steel atrium may be visually appealing, but most likely is terrible for sound. Working with the venue’s production staff can help bypass any issues that might come up before the show.

It’s also important to have someone who understands sound, lights and stage production. You need someone with a lot of experience to make it a flawless show for the talent.

3. They know contracts.

Many times people hire an act for a show, but they really don’t know what they are getting. Paying $100,000 for a headliner does not guarantee you get Meet and Greets with the artist. The contract needs to be specific to make sure you get what you want, and because seasoned talent buyers are familiar with contracts they can help you negotiate the items you normally wouldn’t think about.

It also helps ease the client’s mind knowing he doesn’t have to deal with cancellation policies, rider negotiations, travel and accommodations, set times, media clauses, photography and video rights, etc. These are items the talent buyer will guide them through.

4. They know the artists.

After finding out a client’s budget, talent buyers will give the client a choice of acts, depending on availability and cost. Often clients will want a big-name act, but they don’t have the money for it, so talent buyers can advise them on some up-and-coming acts that would give them a great show without costing them a ton of money. Talent buyers will also look at the audience demographic when helping to book an act. Jay Leno might not be the best choice for an audience of 20-somethings. Jimmy Fallon might be more appropriate.

5. They know what might trip you up.

Because of their experience, talent buyers know that you should book a big act a year out, but you only need three to six months lead time for a smaller act. This will help clients with planning and execution of the event.

Buyers and producers will also help the client find out about local restrictions that may impede the show. Sound ordinances, curfews and load-in/load-out restrictions may be some items that need to get looked into.

With the right talent buyer/producer your event will come off even better than you expected.

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